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How Mailio protects you from sending spam?

Mailio is a permission-based only email-marketing tool that follows the strictest permission-based philosophies:


How do you know that you might be sending SPAM:

If you have answered YES to ANY of the above questions you will likely be labeled a SPAMMER. STOP doing it!
For more information visit The Coalition Against Unsolicited Email ( or contact Mailio Customer Support (

Email Abuse Policy - Reporting Email/SPAM Abuse


What is the "Report Abuse" support?
Every email that goes out includes a "Report Abuse" support that email recepients can click on and report the email as SPAM. This is phrased like this: "Any unsolicited e-mail received from can be reported as abuse to with the subject: e-mail abuse". This is done to pro-actively measure and find out, in advance, when a large percentage of users report emails coming from you as SPAM.


What happens if users report my email invitations and other emails that I send as SPAM and report it as abuse?
We do not take any action as long as your abuse reporting rate is within 5% of the threshold rate. The threshold is calculated daily and is an average abuse reporting rate across all our clients. The threshold rate is not a fixed number but a moving average across all of our clients.

Can I disable the "Report Abuse" support?
No - If you wish to send out email using our systems, it is mandatory that you abide by CAN-SPAM laws. As part of our effort to pro-actively monitor email abuse, we include a "Report Abuse" link with all emails that go out. We can thus find out automatically which users have an excessive complaint rate as compared to the rest.

I would like to send out emails as someone else - I would like to mask my identity. Can I do this?
No - It is illegal (CAN-SPAM Act 2003) to send out bulk email with incorrect or misleading identifying information. It is also against the Mailio Contract.

Can I find out who has reported my emails as abuse?
No - To protect the anonymity and privacy of the recipients we will not divulge the identities of the users who report abuse.

Can I be incorrectly marked by a malicious user who reports abuse multiple times for the same email?
No - Each email can only be reported as abuse once - Our system will not accept abuse complaints more than once for the same email.

Prohibited Content and Commerce Statement

Mailio prohibits the use of the services by any company or site that engages in any of the following:


Mailio reserves the right to prohibit the use of its services by any company or site at its sole discretion.
REMEMBER: sending unsolicited commercial email is FORBIDDEN. See our Mailio Contract for more details.


For more information please contact our consultants.